When to go for test tube baby?

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Test tube baby or IVF procedure is generally recommended for couple who are unable to conceive even after an year of  unprotected sexual intercourse also 3-4 IUI trials fails then, IVF or test tube baby is generally recommended.  Indications for IVF procedure are tubal diseases or tubal problems in female reproductive tract like blockage, infections, altered morphology in such conditions the egg cannot be picked by the fallopian tubes and even if it does it  may not be able to provide a congenial environment place for the fusion of the egg and spermatozoa.  So the IVF  technique helps to surpasses the role of fallopian tubes as the fertilization occurs outside the body in a petridish, and embryo is transferred directly to the uterus.  Women having endometriosis often have tubal involvement or ovarian cysts (endometrioma) again the hampering union of egg and sperm. PCOS, an ovulation, ovulation dysfunctions there are problems in ovulation these lead to infertility, in such cases IVF technique is suggested.  Age related infertility, as the female ages her ovarian function is diminished, therefore in an IVF the ovarian stimulation drugs can help in getting eggs.  Immune problems in male or female can also be overcome to a large extent with aid of IVF procedure.  Male factor infertility like Azoospermia (nil spermatozoa), Oligozoorspermia (less sperm count) asthenospermia (reduced motility) or a combination of these occurs, test tube baby procedure is only option of treatment to have a baby.


In this the spermatozoa aspirated, collected from epididymis, testis or in semen ejaculate can be selected and injected directly into the eggs collected from female spouse to enhance and ensure fertilization.  If the couple has history of genetic disease or no repeated pregnancy loss or implantation failure a few cells of the embryos can be tested thereby only healthy embryos without defect can be selected and transferred.  Sometimes the exact reason for infertility also cannot be ascertained in such cases also IVF or test  tube baby technique proves to be useful to has a biological child


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