UBP is a ultrasound procedure to determine the score to predict the success of embryo transfer. It is done on day 18 of mentrual cycle and a an array of parameters are assessed.this includes determining the pattern of endometrium, its blood supply and blood flow to the myometrium and uterus are assessed. Depending on the result each parameter is alloted a score and total score obtained is calculated. score of 15 or more is considered to b suitable for embryo transfer. The values assume atechnically adequate ultrasound examination with no abnormalities of uterine shape or development, no other gross uterine abnormalities (e.g., significant masses) and a normal ovarian cycle. A male factor component to the infertility is not present.

Endometrial preparation for implantation is a very intricate and complex mechanism involving hormoanl stimulation of receptors, endometrial cell response, biochemical amd immunological cellular response, proper spiral artery blood flow , good embryos, and embryo-endometrial inteaction. this can b accurately predicted by many methods which are invasive, costly and cannot b repeated many times and needs a trainedfacility. This UBP scan is a simple, noninvasive ,reliable, accurate, reproducible test for endometrial receptivity.