Dr. RajyalakshmiChief Embryologist

    Rajyalakshmi Adusumilli is the Chief Embryologist at Dr. Rama’s Institute ForFertility, has 18 years of rich experience in the design & establishment of ART Labs at all the sub centers /franchisee centers of the DRIFF group Having Master’s Degree in the field of Biochemistry from the Chennai University 1999. Her thesis was on “Recombinant DNA Technology” & has been a part of the project on Huntington’s chorea at CCMB. She worked for a year and half at the New Citi Hospitals as a Senior Biochemist.

    Once she joined Rama’s being an ardent, quick, all pervasive employee with high grasping power, she has handled thousands of IVF & ICSI cases in her 18 years of experience. Being committed to her work she has exceptionally high success rates in the IVF/ICSI cases. This has been possible because of her belief that “Work is Worship”.

    Apart from her experience with Advanced Assisted Reproductive Techniques, she also has experience of running World Class Sperm Bank, Embryo Freezing Unit. She has assisted many couples & counseled them when in need ultimately helping them achieve their dream of parenthood. She is very skillful and helped, coordinated IVF, surrogacy for foreigners ,NRI,OCI couples all round the world.

    She has very good academic skills & keeps herself busy, always preparing power-point presentations single-handedly, brochures, website updates, success rates, crucial analysis / retrospective analysis of the ART cases, responsible for writing innumerable articles for the newspapers & magazines. She has attended many conferences, seminars, workshops, hands on training at both national and international level. At Seoul South Korea she has undergone full-fledged training for setting-up, maintaining, processing & running of Umbilical cord Blood Banking at the Cha University (both public/private banking); oocyte/embryo-freezing both slow &vitrification techniques. Embryonic Stem Cell culture, isolation & maintenance of cell lines.Haematopoietic, Mesenchymal, stem cell isolation, culture, enumeration & differentiation.Adult stem cell isolation from various sources like bone marrow, peripheral blood, skin, fat etc.

    She has authored a few publications of International ASRM & few at the National level OGSH. Associative MOU’s with Hyderabad Central University & Global Hospitals were done under her leadership for work on stem cells & successfully achieved goals.

    Whole-heartedly she has taken up & conducted several IUI, IVF, & stem cell training courses. Another feather in her hat is training many junior embryologists with individual attention who have now blossomed in very competent, independent embryologists.

    She has successfully introduced modified ICSI, Laser Assisted Hatching &Vitrification techniques at the Rama’s laboratory & dramatically improved Rama’s cryopreservation program making it comparable to the best in the world.

    Her Personal Interests are:-
    Loves her family, especially her only son. Reading extensively, making presentations & exploration of new subject with dedication.

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