Surrogate Selection and screening

Infertile couple who qualify for IVF surrogate parenting elect to solicit the assistance of empathetic friends or family members who agree to act as surrogates. Other couples elect to solicit surrogates through media advertising.

Surrogate Screening :

Once the surrogate has been selected, she undergoes a full medical and laboratory evaluation. These include following.

  • A careful medical and family history
  • A thorough physical examination
  • A psychological evaluation
  • Blood test for HIV, Hepatitis B & C an other sexually transmitted disease
  • Cervical cultures for organisms such as Chlamydia and urea plasma
  • An evaluation of the uterus by hysteroscopy
  • Blood test for prolactin and thyroid stimulation hormone.

Stimulation of ovary – retrieval of eggs insemination, Embryo transfer all these steps are as described earlier.


Some points to remember

  • It is important for all participants involved in third party reproduction to have legal, medical and psychological consultations.
  • Empathy and integrity are key personality traits in the screening of surrogates, gestational carriers and intended parents.
  • The positive adjustments of all parties and the tranquility of the case can be increased if the participants are well matched and invest in the preconception discussions.
  • Medical professionals providing evaluations and counseling services for surrogacy and gestational carrier arrangements tend to play several roles like
  • The professional trying to determine what is best for all the parties involved, including the existing children
  • Professional able to foresee the range of problems that occur in third party reproduction and pregnancy and to apply these to the unique circumstances of the person’s life.
  • Using a family member as a surrogate :

    It is better when a family member offers to server as a surrogate as it is comforting to have personal knowledge of your surrogate’s medical history and background.