Sexual Problems


FAQ’S On Sexual Problems

Faq’s On Male

What is impotence or erectile dysfunction (ED)?
What are the causes for ED?
How one can prevent ED?
When to see a doctor for ED?
What are the treatments for ED?
What are the self measures to overcome the problem of ED? or How Can I help myself?
What is lack of libido?
What are the causes of lack of libido?
What is premature (rapid) ejaculation?
What are the treatments for premature ejaculation?
What is delayed ejaculation?
What are the causes and treatment of delayed ejaculation?
What is Viagra and how does it work?
I do not have erectile problem when I masturbate but it does not work when I am with my partner, why?
I have pain during intercourse which is causing disturbance in sexual pleasure, please guide me otherwise I am a healthy man?
My orgasm is ‘dry’ that is no semen, why?
What is the average size of the penis and is it possible to increase the size, if yes what are the methods?

Faq’s On Female

What are the common sexual problem in women and their percentage of affecting women?
What are the causes for lack of libido in women?
What are the causes for sexual problems in women?
How is sexual problem diagnosed in women?
What are the treatments for women’s sexual problems?
Can women’s sexual problem cured?
What is the role of hormones in women’s sexual function?
After my hysterectomy operation, I feel less desire for sex, why?
I am a lady approaching menopause, does it will affect my sexual life, if yes, what is the treatment?
For my sexual problem doctor asked me to take sex therapy – My question is what happens at a sex therapy session? And will it be helpful to me?
I am 33 years old woman, married from last 3½ years; my question is I never had orgasm, why?
I want to know about are the hormones involved causing sexual problems?