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Hi, I am Rajyalakshmi. It’s since 7 years we got married. I had irregular periods due to PCOD [Polycystic Ovarian Disease]. So, I had difficulty in giving birth to a child. I had tried taking treatment in Tamil Nadu but it wasn’t successful. Later, myself and my husband got a job in Hyderabad. So we were settled in Hyderabad.

I saw an advertisement about Dr. Rama’s Fertility clinics in the newspaper. We decided to take treatment here. All the patients who visited Dr. Rama’s Fertility clinics gave a very good opinion that the success rates are high. Initially I took five IUI cycles which was not successful. Then after analysis Dr. Rama had suggested IVF cycle. The doctors explained me clearly about the treatment. So, I had no confusion and very much ready for the treatment. I had my oocyte retrieval and embryo transfer done. Dr. Rama advised me to keep my mind cool without any stress. The doctor’s and nurses were kind and very much supportive. I never had a feeling that I was away from home. By everybody’s care and affection and by God’s grace my first IVF cycle was successful. Now I am two months pregnant with twins. Even today when I see everybody in the hospital, they enquire about my health and feel very much happy for me.

My heartful thanks to Dr. Rama Devi, Dr. Vijayalakshmi and Dr. Nirmala who had given me full support all through my treatment. I also feel happy to share my success story with all of you.

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