FAQ on IVF (In Vitro Fertilization)

What is Assisted Reproductive Technology ART?
What is IVF ?
What is ICSI ?
What is GIFT ?
What are the precautions or restrictions during an IVF cycle for a lady ?
How does embryology lab operate and what safety measure are taken ?
When is the pregnancy test performed ? If positive what will be the next step and if negative , when couple can try again ?
Is there a higher miscarriage rate for ART patients?
What can be done to improve sperm quality required for ART cycle ?
Is there depletion in store of eggs by undergoing an IVF cycle ?
Is it possible to have a child after tubectomy operation?
Who need to consider using an egg donor?
Can couple choose the sex of child prior to IVF ?
How many eggs one can expect from an IVF cycle ?
What is a day-3 FSH?
What are the chances of multiple birth after an IVF or ICSI cycle ?
When should one can consider IVF ?
What are the procedure steps involved in an IVF cycle ?
What is assisted hatching ?
How long one need to take rest after embryo transfer and when couple can have sexual relations ?
What is reproductive immunology ?
What is PGD and who can have it ?
Why do one need to use estrogen after embryo transfer ?
Can polyps interfere with implantation ?
What is PCOS ?
Does male obesity play a role in infertility ?
How do thyoid disease linked to infertility ?
What is premature ovarian failure ? (POF)
What are the indication for considering donor egg ? Following are the reasons for donor egg.
What is measured in a basic semen analysis ?
Does stress cause infertility ?
What is surrogacy ?
Are the procedure involved in IVF is painful?
How to manage stress, grief & loss during an IVF cycle?
What is ovarian reserve? or a biological clock ?
What are the fertility treatment options for women over 40 years of age?
Does Endometriosis affect fertility & also success with IVF?
Can fibroids interfere with IVF?