IVF Success Stories


Success in IVF process

Name of Patient : Durga – 36 years
Name of Spouse : Srinivas – 47 years
Name of the Patient changed to protect privacy

We approached Guntur branch of Dr. Rama’s Institute for Fertility in July 2006 based on advertisement in Newspapers. Prior to approaching this centre, we got basic tests at one of the hospitals in Tenali, where it was observed that low sperm count and low motility was the basic reason for not having children. During our first visit to this centre, we were explained in details by Dr. Rama Devi garu about reason of infertility and treatment process of IUI and IVF. Due to low success rate in IUI and considering our age factors, we have opted directly to get IVF treatment and package of 3 cycles.

We got treatment of first cycle in September, 2006. Our first cycle failed and Dr. Rama Devi garu analysed the reason fro failure due to insufficient number of eggs 3 to 4 as against minimum of 6 to 8 and suggested us to go for OD, preferably of our relatives. But , we declined for taking egg donation from our relatives and we asked for egg donation from the institute only.

We got treatment of our second cycle in May | June 2007 with OD and laser treatment. But, the second cycle also failed. No reasons were accredited to the failure.

Now , we got treatment of our third cycle in July 2008 with OD and laser treatment and this time, the treatment was successful and we are happy and we are grateful to the institute and we request the best treatment to us till delivery. We thank Dr. Rama Devi garu, Dr.Vijayalakshmi garu and other doctors, nursing staff, administrative staff and support staff and we always feel at home in this institute. We also thank the staff of our Guntur branch – Dr. Padma madam and team.

We hope each and every patient who takes treatment at this institute should get success.

[Srinivas] [Durga]


Durga (36yrs), Srinivas (47yrs) are the couple who approached us in july 2006 based on an advertisement in newspaper. after going through all the medical reports of the investigations done, Sperm count as well as motility was found less. Medications were given to improve the sperm count as well as motility and suggested to go for IVF directly keeping in view of her age. But we retrieved only 3 oocytes which were not up to the mark and her base line FSH is also higher than the normal. As the outcome was not good, we advised them to go for oocyte donation. Through which they were successful in attaining the “parenthood”

Written by Patient

Translated into English for convenience

Name of Patient : P. Harita
Name of Spouse : Sri Babu
Name of the Patient changed to protect privacy

“Motherhood is the most invaluable possession in the nature.” Mother means the first preacher. It is through this institute “Dr. Rama’s Institute For Fertility” my dreams of attaining motherhood have been fulfilled. For which I do not understand and have means to express my gratitude to them. There are no words, language by which I can express my happiness, gratitude. I am in a state of blissfulness. It has been five years since I got married and like every other woman, I too had dreams of attaining motherhood, which did not get fulfilled until I approached Dr. Rama Madam. The instinct to procreate has been universal; it exists in all forms of life. Only in mankind this has evolved into an institute of marriage “It was because of their efforts, dedication and perseverance that has filled our lives with light made me a proud mother, thereby brining meaningfulness and fulfillment in my life as a woman.”” To me she is like a deity, when worshipped gives boon in the form of children to the childless. I owe a lot to Dr.Rama Madam. I don’t understand how to treat her for the gift she has given me. It is the most valuable gift which one can possess. She is the path of light and destination to many infertile couples. One should never forget her services rendered to infertile couples helping them to achieve their dream of parenthood.

Harita [28 yrs], Sri Babu [32yrs] are a couple who approached us for the fertility treatment in November 2007. They had a married life of 5 years.On investigations we found she had Hypothyroidism, Frozen pelvis and irregular period with length of 2-3 months. Couple was desperate to have baby at an earliest. Keeping in mind her frozen pelvis, we suggested her to go for “IVF” for which they have given consent, which was successful in first attempt.

As Given by the Patient

Success Story Of Sudha

Name of Patient : Sudha
Name of Spouse : Ashok
Name of the Patient changed to protect Privacy
I Sudha 25 years old from Medchal Village of Mehboobnagar district from Andhra Pradesh, India. I was married to Mr. Ashok, 41 years for whom it was the second marriage; his first wife is also issueless. Three years went in hope for child, but my house was without any noise of child. My husband then decided to consult a doctor. As it is a very small village, there is absolutely no medical facility. Then my brother-in-law read an article of Dr. Papolu Rama Devi in regional news papers. He suggested us to visit the doctor. We just step into Dr. Rama’s Institute for Fertility without any prior appointment. The first reception what we received had only won our heart. Counselors have explained us the procedure in detail and doctor asked us to do some test and after that the cause for infertility identified was “Azoospermia” means no sperms in semen.

Doctors and counselors made us understand and gave us option for treatment that is either ICSI [Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection] or to take help of donor sperm. As we can not afford to go ahead with ICSI , we opted for donor sperm . HSG, shows that my tubes were patent, so we went for IUI but we did not get success till 6 cycles of IUI. Dr. Papolu Rama Devi then explained us about natural cycle IVF and she considered our case and also gave us less financial burden by lessening down her fees. In the 1st IVF cycle, though everything went well, as per the doctor my uterine lining called endometrium was not up to the mark, they cancelled my cycle. In 2nd cycle IVF, doctor gave some vaginal cream and medicine to improve my endometrial lining, oocyte pick up went well, embryo transfer was easy and 30 days post embryo transfer scan shows the positive fetal heart. At that moment I missed my heart beat. I was very delighted and happy. My whole family gathered and we conveyed heartfelt thanks to Dr. Rama and her team.

“Told to our counselor in local language Telugu, translated in English in her exact words”.

Sudha (20 yrs), Mr.Ashok (41 years) are the couple who approached us in May 2007. After all the primary investigations done the cause of infertility was identified as “Azoospermia” We advised them to go either for IVF-ICSI or for the sperm donation. They opted to go for sperm donation. We did 6 Cycles of IUI as her tubes were normal, but she didn’t conceive. We suggested her to go for IVF , considering her financial status we started minimal stimulated cycle & in her second attempt she conceived.

Success Story Of Ramani

Name of Patient : N.Ramani
Name of Spouse : N.Phani Kumar Reddy
Name of the Patient changed to protect privacy
N.Ramani and N.Phani Kumar Reddy are a couple with secondary infertility, When they visited our hospital. All the investigations of the female are normal and the husband was having azoospermia. This is the reason the couple opted to go for donor semen sample. She conceived once with IUI cycle with donor semen and once in IVF procedure. But unfortunately she miscarried both the times in the first trimester. The couple approached our clinic finally in 2006 after unsuccessful attempts at various hospitals in vain. The couple were depressed and in a state of confusion. We whole heartedly welcomed them to avail our services to help them realize their dream of parenthood. We counseled the couple thoroughly and gave them all the psychological and emotional support which was the need and won their confidence.

Here are the lines as expressed by the lady once she conceived.
“The first day I stepped into Dr.Rama’s Institute for Fertility “ and met Dr.Rama Madam I knew that this is the right place, my destiny and all good will come. She boosted me and provided the support and confidence that was the need of the hour. Her enthusiasm, energy, involvement and dedication were a constant source of inspiration and spiritual energy which made me take up infertility as a challenge. From then on there was no seeing back, but to look forward for success patiently. Her individual interest in her patients, her involvement are to be greatly appreciated which never let me loose hope. I tried 8 cycles of IUI but only one resulted in pregnancy which was lost, but I never lost hope, Dr.Rama Devi was my constant source of inspiration and I decided not to leave hope and I will return only with a baby. I kept on running rounds to the hospital for 2 years. Finally on Doctors suggestion we opted for IVF treatment. In the second attempt of IVF, I conceived but as for bad luck the pregnancy was again uneventful. Finally in the IVth cycle of IVF, I conceived and some how this time I was more confident than ever before and knew this will be my beautiful child of tomorrow. With constant counseling and boosting of morale by Dr.Rama Devi inspite of her busy schedule my dream came true.

“My dream come true, my gift from my deity [Goddess of boon] in form of a child from Dr.Rama Madam and it was true. Now I am a proud mother of a beautiful boy of seven months. In the night when I see his eyes shine I feel the entire galaxy revolving in his eyes. Ultimately what’s there to say except that there is nothing that is impossible if we try with patience and perseverance. Patience, Perseverance and Individual attention is what they provide exclusively at Dr.Rama’s Institute for Fertility for which they are the most successful fertility centers in India and perhaps Asia.”