IVF Success Stories


IVF With ICSI (Invitro Fertilisation-Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection)

India, a house of multi-ethic, multi-lingual, multi- religious society. Because of which India is recognized for its usssnity in diversity. Dr. Rama’s Institute for Fertiltiy, is one of the best infertility clinic located at the center of city of pearls, Hyderabad, India. A couple from South Africa name Mr.Pravash and Mrs. Ryan consulted Dr.Papolu Rama Devi first through mails. They were so impressed with the first response only that they planned to take the treatment to fulfill their long lasting dream of enjoying the parenthood.

Mrs Ryan had one cycle of IVF in South Africa but unfortunately it was uneventful. Mr. Pravash semen Analysis showed the presence of only 20% of normal morphological sperms and 80% of abnormal sperms. The parameters have not improved even after medication. At this point Mrs.Ryan approached Dr.Rama’s Institute for Fertiltiy. All the correspondence with the couple was done through mails initially. In that they narrated their Case details, investigation undergone, etc.

As the couple requested to cut down their stay in India, We advise them to get the necessary investigations done and take the medicines required under the guidance of their RE in South Africa. The couple visited our clinic on her 3rd day of menstrual cycle. Ultrasound scan was done to know the uterine condition, number and size of developing follicles and endometrium thickness. As her endometrium was not upto the mark vaginal application was used. She was started with “minimum stimulation protocol”. On the 12th day of stimulation when the ultrasound scan report showed the size of mature follicle > 18mm in diameter and the endometrial thickness 1.0cm, she was administered with hCG injection.

We retrieved 6 no of good quality oocytes. Mr. Pravas semen sample was processed and morphologoically good active motile sperms were selected for ICSI. In this one sperm which is morphology good and active is injected into one oocyte, with injecting pipette with the help of special microscope called micro-manipulator. Fertilization was checked after 16hrs. 4 oocyes were fertilized. Out of which 3 developed into blastocysts which were transferred into Mrs Ryan’s uterus. The couple left back to South Africa on 7th day after the embryo transfer. Mrs Ryans got her β-hCG done, which showed the positive sign of pregnancy and the scan showed the fetal heart and pole. Now she is in her 10th week of gestation with twins. They send us a mail in which they stated “Dr.Papolu Rama Devi is the most adorable human. It is her effort and struggle, which helped us to enjoy the glory of having our baby.”

Down’s Syndrome

35 years old Mrs. Nishat and her husband Mr.Md.Irfan stepped into Dr.Rama’s Institute for Fertility, in the year 2007. Mrs. Nishat is a software engineer by profession and Mr Irfan is a general physician. She is a patient with secondary infertility as she had a history of repeated abortions.

Previous Case History:

Mrs Nishat with a married life of 12 years conceived naturally in the year 1997-, but unfortunately had abortion in her 3rd month of pregnancy, D&C was done. In 1998 again she was pregnant. As she had abruptive placenta LSCS was done. She delivered a premature baby. The baby died after 3hrs of LSCS. Both her fallopian tubes were blocked with Adhesions. laparoscopy was done. Later on for 5 long years she had no history of pregnancy. For the first time in 2005 she consulted an infertility clinic in Bangalore. There she had 2 cycles of IVF done, but unfortunately she did not conceive.

Treatment at Dr. Rama’s Institute for Fertility:

The couple approached Dr.Papolu Rama Devi, in the year of 2007. When we proceeded with chromosomal analysis of both the couple (As she had repeated miscarriages) Mrs.Nishat report showed that she is a carrier of Down’s syndrome. Her investigation reports also showed TORCH infection which can be the reason for the failed IVF cycles. We suggested her to go for PGD (Preimplantation genetic Diagnostics) along with surrogate mother transfer as her endometrium is not favoring her to carry the pregnancy due to repeated miscarriages.

She was started with “Minimum stimulation Protocol”. Continuous monitering for her hormonal status and ovarian follicular development was done. Simultaneously the surrogate’s menstrual cycle was correlated with Mrs.Nishat’s menstrual cycle. Her Endometrium and hormone levels are monitored continuously. Once the mature follicle reached >18mm size and her hormonal values (Estradiol, Leutinizing hormone) was opt, hCG injection was administered. Oocyte retrieval was done after 35hrs of hCG injection. We retrieved 8 oocytes, which we fertilized with her husband sperm. 6 good quality embryos were developed, which were proceeded with PGD. In PGD single blastomere from 6-8 cell embryos were taken and analyzed genetically through FISH. Two blastomeres showed the presence of Trisomy 21(Down’s syndrome, or Down’s syndrome trisomy 21, or trisomy G is a chromosomal disorder caused by the presence of all or part of an extra 21st chromosome). Out of 4 embryos 2 developed into blastocyst that were genetically intact and free of the Trisomy 21 were transferred into the surrogate uterus. On the 21st day from the Embryo transfer the blood test (β-hCG) report showed >1500miu/ml, which is an indication of positive sign of pregnancy. The ultrasound scan report showed the presence of fetal heart and pole. After completion of 36 weeks of gestational period the surrogate mother delivered a healthy baby boy.

The couple was so excited after seeing the baby and broken down in to tears. They expressed their happiness and gratitude and as “We want to say “Thank you “from the bottom of our heart. Because of Dr Rama’s experience and expertise and advances in reproductive technology made it possible which we thought it will never happen. We are now proud parents and recommend the infertile couple to take help of Dr.Rama’s service to convert their dream into reality”.

Success with Frozen Embryo transfer

Mr. Kamal & Mrs. Sudha have been trying for kids since five years, before they approached Dr.Papolu Rama Devi. Mrs. Sudha, 28 yrs is a bank employee & Mr. Kamal, 32yrs is a software engineer by profession. Both the couple sound in a good health. In initial years of marriage, couple had difficulty in married life which corrected through hymenectomy. They wanted to complete their family fast, and had tried for that for one year.

At this stage they approached Dr.Rama’s Institute For Fertility (DRIFF) for the treatment and guidance. IUI cycles did not result in positive outcome and couple decided for IVF. Pre IVF cycle investigations revealed “Hypothyroidism” for Sudha, for which she was prescribed medicine. On the basis of investigative results IVF protocol selected for her which was suited for her need was “Antagonist Protocol”. Ovarian stimulation was started as per standard protocol and egg retrieval was done. Out of 7 eggs, six were fertilized and three good quality embryos were transferred into her uterus. Remaining three surplus embryos were frozen for future use with couple’s consent. Though there was no obvious reason and protocol was picture perfect, cycle was fail. To know the cause for implantation failure all the respective parameters were checked and we found that the percentage of Natural Killer cells in blood flow was more than the normal. We have given her Immunological therapy that is intravenous Immunoglobulin (IVIG) to collect the level of Natural killer cells.

In her next cycle we thawed the frozen embryos. Two embryos were reviewed well, which were transferred into Ms Sudha’s uterus. On the 21st day from the embryo transfer her β-hCG values showed > 1500 miu/ml. Mr.Kamal and Mrs.Sudha are much exited when they heard that the blood test showed a positive value of pregnancy hormone. Now Mrs.Sudha is in her 9th week of her pregnancy and she said “our story gives hope to many couples who are planning to have children and not able to conceive naturally. I highly recommend Dr.Rama’s Institute for Fertiltiy, it’s a supportive and wonderful place with great staff and worth the investment of time and money. No matter what happens we will feel empowered and healthier than ever. “GOOD LUCK to Every One “