IVF Success Stories


IVF success stories – March’2014

S R aged 28 years W/o Mr.B R has been our patient since November’ 13. She has been married for 11 years. She is a case of secondary infertility and had one spontaneous abortion of 2 months. She had undergone IUI – 9 times earlier and our cycle IVF-ICSI at hospital outside. She had laparo and Hysteroscopy in 2008 with LEOS and both tubes found to be normal. Other investigations like Prolactin, TSH were normal range.

Husband had Oligospermia with count between 14 to 20 million and motility between 30-40%. Investigations in our hospital showed raised GTT and patient was advised Diet control and her insulin levels were also raised. In addition her thyroid antibodies were raised and she was kept on Oosure and antioxidants.

This patient was advised IVF and long protocol was started 12 eggs were retrieved and of these 8 fertilized, 3 embryos were transferred on 30th January’14. IVF was a success and her first successful scan on 1st March showed a live intrauterine gestation. Report scan 2 weeks later showed twin live pregnancy.

She was started on Insulin 4 U at lunch which was increased to 6 U following her fasting and post lunch blood sugar levels.

Patient is presently continue her live pregnancy

Success Story of Douglas D’Ambrosio & Natalie D’Ambrosio

Name of the Patient : Douglas D’Ambrosio
Name of the Spouse : Natalie D’Ambrosio
Location : Kea’au Hawaii, USA United States of America
Date : May 25, 2009

My name is Douglas D’Ambrosio, my wife is Natalie D’Ambrosio, and we live in Kea’au Hawaii. After a very complicated first pregnancy, pre-existing medical conditions made it impossible for my wife to have another baby, so in early 2008 we began researching fertility clinics in India. We contacted several facilities in different areas of India, all advertising on the internet, and we received a wide variety of responses. They all offered complete fertility services as well as surrogacy. We were initially drawn to Dr. Rama’s Institute for Fertility in Hyderabad because of their detailed and timely responses to our e-mail inquiries, as well as their “three-try” approach to their IVF service. We understood completely that there were no guarantees no matter what facility we chose, but we liked Dr. Rama’s all-inclusive multiple-attempt approach to IVF and embryo implantation. This seemed to offer us the best possible chances to facilitating a successful pregnancy.

I was cautiously optimistic as I traveled to Hyderabad for the first time in the spring of 2008, but my skepticism began to wane when I arrived at the hospital for the first time and had an opportunity to meet the doctors and tour the four-floor facility. It became apparent that this was a well-established and professionally run fertiity hospital offering a wide variety of fertility services to a mainly Indian clientel. As a foreign guest, I believe I was given special treatment, or so I felt. I did not feel like I was being conned or held over a barrel. On the contrary I felt like the entire staff (approximately 130 people) went out of their way to make me feel welcome, and they showed a genuine interest in my health and well being while I was in India. They made me feel like a guest in their home. They helped me get checked into the hotel next door and arranged a discounted room rate for me. Throughout my entire visit I had easy access to the doctors and staff, including Dr. Rama herself, who is enormously busy but always found time to see me if I needed to speak with her.

Due to the large number of people involved with the services we requested, the hospital understandably required a large portion of their fees to be paid up front. Dr. Rama and I had a discussion about this, and we came to an arrangement that we both agreed was based on mutual trust. It was none-the-less an enormous leap of faith for everyone involved.

We were understandably disappointed on hearing the news that our first two attempts were unsuccessful. We knew they were trying their best, but that was hard news to digest. Our third attept, however, resulted in a successful pregnancy, and 9 months later our daughter, Ashley, was born. She weighed a whopping 8 pounds 13 oz. Everyone in the hospital was genuinely excited for us, and all wanted to see the big American baby.

Our surrogate mother, Jayalaxshmi, was a very nice 27 year old woman from a small town in Andhra Pradesh. We met Jayalaxshmi several times throughout the later stages of the pregnancy. We expressed to her how much we appreciated what she was doing for us, and she told us how much she appreciated what we were doing for her and her family. It was important to us that Jalaxshmi was emotionally stable, and well compensated for her efforts. After the delivery she asked if she could see the baby, and of course we agreed. She seemed genuinely interested in the baby and told us she was happy that she was able to do this for us. She also seemed very happy with the compensation she was given. She did a very good job caring for our baby for 9 months and we’re forever appreciative. For her efforts she was given a life-changing sum of money that will improve her family’s life and go towards her daughters’ education.

The hospital arranged for a pediatrician, a personal referral from one of the senior embryologists working on our case. We met with the pediatrician for periodic check-ups at Dr. Rama’s hospital several times in the weeks following the delivery. After Ashley’s birth, Dr. Rama’s hospital had essentially fulfilled their obligations to us, but they continued to work for us for several more weeks after Ashley was born preparing documentation for the US consulate so they could issue Ashley a passport. They even sent a member of the hospital staff with us to the Indian police commissioner in Hyderabad to obtain an exit visa for Ashley. They had no obligation to do this, but it made the task much easier.

Throughout the entire experience, we felt like the staff at Dr. Rama’s fertility hospital genuinely cared about our family, not just about the money we were paying them. We felt they went above and beyond the call of duty to help us throught this process and to make sure we were happy and healthy while staying in Hyderabad. We now consider many of the doctors and staff members our personal friends, and will stay in touch with them long after our return home. We wanted to have a baby, but we also wanted a rich cultural experience, and we ended up with both.

“Thank You for helping to make what seemed like
An impossible dream come true for us”

Myself Mr. Mishra [46yrs] and my spouse Ms. Reena mishra[44yrs] have been married since 14years and planning to have kids all these years. We are residents of India, staying in USA from past many years. We consulted many gynaecologist and infertility doctors to have a solution to our problem. All our efforts are in vain. We are highly depressed and seemed as if darkness is spread in our lives. We are in search of a dawn “However long the night, the dawn will break”

In our search on the internet about various infertility clinics across the globe, who can buildup the hope and bring twilight in our lives, We found Dr. Rama’s Institute For fertility as one of the best fertility clinic in India rendering various services to infertile couples from all over the world to attain their dream of parenthood. We first approached Dr. Papolu Rama Devi through mails. The reply was so impressive. Warm welcome that we found while receiving us gave a hope and decided to take the treatment under her guidance. As my spouse is 44 years old and had multiple uterine fibroids and endometriosis, for which she had taken the treatment in other reputed clinic. Unfortunately it was uneventful. So, we decided to opt for oocyte donor along with surrogacy keeping in view of her health. As I will not be available during the treatment period due to my busy job schedule, I had my semen samples frozen. We were successful in the first IVF cycle only. When we heard about the news we are so happy and delighted and seemed as if an impossible dream come true for us.

Now she is in her 6th month of pregnancy. We look forward for the baby’s arrival in this world with huge anticipation. We long for the day when we can finally physically carry our baby in our arms and look at our baby in the eyes. The moment my wife heard the news, she busted in tears and said

“I begin to love the baby
and to anticipate her birth
as a fresh twist to a knot,
which I do not wish to untie.”

Last but not the least, for the couple who are facing a problem to have children I would like to say few words about Dr.Papolu Rama Devi and her team, “Their enthusiasm, energy, involvement and dedication were a constant source of inspiration and spiritual energy which made me take up infertility as a challenge. Her individual interest in her patients, her involvement is to be greatly appreciated which never let us loose hope. Patience, Perseverance and Individual attention is what they provide exclusively at Dr.Rama’s IVF Centres for which they are the most successful fertility center. ”

The feeling of happiness dwells for us in the gift
That is given to us by……..

History of our hospital dates back to 15 years rendering various services to infertile couple to achieve their dream of parenthood. We have all the facilities for performing advanced assisted reproductive techniques from IUI to PGD [Intra uterine Insemination to Pre implantation Genetic diagnosis]. A NRI couple Mr.Sateesh and Ms.Anjali happened to know our services through the website http://www.fertilityindia.com/ and approached us through mails. Ms. Anjali’s past history reveals that she was planning to have kids from last 6 years. She had undergone laparotomy for the removal of the ovarian cysts and undergone for 2 cycles of IVF, one in August 2008 and the other in October 2008 at USA. But unfortunately both the cycles were cancelled as the expected number of follicles did not mature and the hormonal E2 values were very low.

At this juncture, the couple approached us stating they would like to go for IVF with Oocyte donation. After going through all the investigations, this is considered as a case of POF [Premature Ovarian Failure]. This is a condition also known as Primary Ovarian insufficiency is the loss of function of the ovaries before age 40. A commonly cited trait for the diagnosis is amenorrhea, hypergonadotropinism and hypoestrogenism.She was advised to opt for oocyte donation. As her husband Mr. Sateesh is not available during the treatment period, he had his semen samples frozen. As Ms.Anjali requested to minimize her stay in India, we sent the medication that has to be taken by her through courier and asked her to take them as per the schedule under the guidance of her RE. Her menstrual cycle is coordinated with the donor cycle and asked her to be here before 4 days of oocyte retrieval. The IVF cycle went smoothly and the resultant embryos were tranfered into Anjali’s uterus. Her 21st day β-hCG value is more than 1500 IUwhich is a sign of positive pregnancy. The couple expressed their happiness and gratitude and said

“Happiness resides not in the possession and not in Gold.
The feeling of happiness dwells for us in the gift
That is given to us by Dr.Papolu Rama Devi”

Case of Bad Obstretic History [BOH]

Kaveri and Bharat is a couple who approached our clinic in the year 2006. Kaveri is 43 years old. This is a case of secondary infertility as she had one previous missed abortion. Kaveri is married since 6 years, & had recurrent urinary tract infections [UTI] and cystitis. Diagnostic Laparoscopy showed fundal fibroid and bilateral cornual block. She had one IVF cycle done at another fertility center. She conceived but unfortunately had a spontaneous bleeding, and missed abortion.She developed severe UTI. At this juncture she approached our center in the year 2007. She was very depressed and said this is the last chance that was left to her as she was exhausted.

This is a case of secondary infertility with a bad obstetric history. She was counseled to get out of the stress and to develop a positive thinking. She was kept on observation for few months to over come all the pain that she had taken both physically and psychologically. As she was suffering with intractable UTI and vaginitis, along with regular antibiotics, lactobacillus (Ecoflora 1-billion bacilli) was administered daily for a period of 3 months. She developed resistance to infections as they are natural positive bacteria which protect from infections. Vaginal douches with sour curds daily at bed time for two months release her from chronic vaginitis. Then IVF cycle with oocyte donation was done because of her age [43 years], It failed. There was a solitary fibroid (3cm*3cm) away from the endometrium, which we thought may not hinder the result so preceded IVF treatment with out myomectomy.

As there was a failure in first attempt. We removed fibroid laparoscopically before the second cycle. A continuous emotional support and counseling has made patient relaxed and positive about life.It indirectly helped her to maintain her hormone level and it was indicated in her positive test result. After one month the scan showed the presence of fetal heart and pole. She had UTI again which was taken care immediately. She was monitored carefully through out her pregnancy. In February 2009 she delivered a healthy beautiful baby boy. The couple expressed their happiness and sense of gratitude and said they cannot find words to fully express their happiness.

Premature Ovarian Failure[POF]

Hyderabad has got a mixed set of people forming a base from all regions of India. Infact Hyderabad is considered to be a transit place for the North and South of the whole of India, with Sikhs, Gujaratis, Marathis, Bengalis and others and thus couple of all cast is treated with us. Gujarati couple Mr & Mrs. Patel visited us two years back, with a married life of 14 years. Mrs.Patel is a candidate of primary ovarian failure [POF] and they never had any fertility treatment before. She comes from joint family and never thought for a child until she became alone at home, after children of her in law’s side went for higher study. This was the reason given by her during her counseling. “Egg donation” was the treatment option for her and for that she readily agreed, as she wants to become mother at the earliest. Two IVF cycles went without success. In her third cycle, she conceived with the triplets and she went for fetal reduction. Twin pregnancy was progressing well, but unfortunately she developed high fever and she lost her precious pregnancy. After that one more cycle she underwent without success. she has given up a hope and was mentally prepared to live issueless. She visited us just to say, she is withdrawing from the program. Dr.Papolu Rama Devi advised her to take one chance and she felt a ray of hope once again. We carefully followed her at every step of treatment and counseled her during the treatment. Embryo transfer was successfully done with good command over hormone level and uterine condition was apt. β-HCG level was rising after 12th day and it was more than 1500 mIU/ ml on 30th day after embryo transfer. She had a twin sac with fetal heart and fetal pole. She is now in her 12th week of pregnancy. Her whole family is happy for her and they all wished us with lots of gratitude.

IVF miracle with Poor Ovarian Reserve

Fatima and Mohamed is a couple who approached our clinic in the year 2006. This is a case of primary infertility. The couple is 31 years and 36 years respectively with married life of 8 years. She has a problem of irregular menstrual cycle and PCOS. Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is an endocrine disorder that affects approximately 5% of all women. This is the most common hormonal disorder among women of reproductive age, and is a leading cause of infertility.As a treatment for PCOS she underwent ovarian drilling through laparoscope, which reduces total number of follicles and if male hormone levels are more that also comes down with this procedure. After laparoscopy, ovulation induction drugs were prescribed followed by the follicular study. At the time of ovulation, they were advised timing of coitus[TOC] for 3 months. Some how TOC & IUI did not result in pregnancy.

Fatima underwent two cycles of IVF. In the first cycle inspite of good follicular recruitment, only one oocyte [Egg] was retrieved and it went unfertilized. The couple was abandoned. Empty follicular syndrome was the result of the second ovulation induction program. Couple were counseled and with their consent third IVF cycle was done with a gap of 2 years, as they left to abroad for job. In this cycle we retrieved four number of oocytes with three good quality embryos. 12th day post embryo transfer, β-hCG a pregnancy hormone indicates the positive outcome, which was confirmed after observing fetal heart on USG. Couple was exited to see the heart beat on scan and they had tears out of joy.

Luck with antagonist protocol

Vijayakumari a 33 years old lady visited us with two ‘long Protocol’ IVF fail cycle. Looking at her age,FSH and LH value we decided to go for ‘Antagonist Protocol’. This protocol is giving good results in poor ovarian reserve, high FSH, women above 34 years to 38 years. Reaserch shows that it may give better ovarian response in patients with low ovarian reserve that is women of age more than or equal to 38 years. Oocyte pickup, fertilization and development of embryo were up to the mark. Every event of IVF procedure went with out any obstacle. Luteal phase support was given and monitored for the hormone level. USG report indicates positive sigh of pregnancy with twins. Now she is in her 13th week of pregnancy. She said her joy is also double with twin pregnancy. She feels that it is a gift of God and God gave us this beautiful gift to her through us. She is now counselor in her own way, she councelles her co-patient and says “Never loose hope”.

Ovarian Hyper Stimulation [OHSS]

A couple by name Ms.Sana and Mr.Hamid’s is a case of primary infertility. Sana is 34 years old and Hamid 47 years. They had a married life of 7 years. During the journey to attain their dream of parenthood they consulted many fertility centers and under gone various lines of treatment. But all their efforts were in vain.During this line of treatment they approached our center in the year 2007. They planned to go for IVF treatment directly keeping in view of their ages and as they were desperate to have child.

Mr.Hamid’s investigations showed normal semen analysis parameters and sperm function test. Sana’s laparoscopy report showed bilateral PCOS. So during her treatment period, she was kept under careful observation to prevent OHSS [Ovarian Hyper Stimulation]. Antagonist was administered to prevent premature luteinization. But unfortunately she had a failed IVF cycle. We analyzed that her natural killer cells were high during the post embryo transfer period. Because of which it could have led to pre-implantation failure. At the same time her base line hormones FSH and LH are also high even after the treatment with medications they cannot be brought under control. At this stage she was suggested to opt for Oocyte donation for which the couple gave their consent. We gave them the option either to bring their own oocyte donor or the donor provided by the organization. We follow strict criteria as per ICMR guidelines for selection of donor. In this the donor oocytes are fertilized with the husband sperms and the resultant embryos are transferred into the Sana’s uterus [womb]. She conceived in the second cycle itself and now has a healthy ongoing pregnancy of 12 weeks. Her Glucose tolerance test is normal. She developed urinary tract infection for which she was administered medicines which is safe during pregnancy.

Success in First cycle

Sridhar[35years] & Geeta [33 years] visited us in very 2008. They had 4½ years married life and tried for a child soon after their marriage. They never used any family planning method. This was couple’s first visit to our fertility clinic. Investigation reports and other primary tests results were normal. At primary level the case can be categorized as unexplained Infertility.Couple was explained and counseled for different ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) treatments and as a ladder approach, couple underwent three IUI cycles, but no success.

IVF cycle was planned & pretreatment parameters were checked. COH ( Controlled ovarian hyper stimulation) resulted in good follicular recruitment and had 4 good quality of embryos to transfer. Hormone levels were under control during follicular phase and luteal phase. Success knocked the door finally. 12 days post ET and 30 days post ET had a positive outcome for pregnancy hormone& fetal heart beat of fetus makes all of us happy and joyful.


A couple by name Saroja and Venkat Rao, aged 36 and 40 year old approached us to solve their problem of infertility. They have been married since 12 years. All these years they were trying with various doctors and different alternative medicines. None of them resulted into pregnancy. Almost they lost hope. At that crux of movement, they came to know about our institution.

We have gone through the past record. As a conclusive line of treatment, we performed necessary investigations. Husband’s semen analysis report shows below normal levels. As there was no surgical condition, he was advised to take care of healthy life style and put him on nutritional supplements and few medicines for 3 months. After 3 months the parameters improved a lot. But wife’s baseline FSH and LH were more and indicating ovulation is not possible. After scientific explanation about age and ovulation, they understood well and need of egg donation. They understood all aspects of oocyte donation and IVF. They were successful in the very first cycle.


Name of the Patient : Ms.Rani
Name of the Spouse : Mr.Satish
Name of the Patient changed to protect privacy

Ms.Rani and Mr.Satish is a couple stepped into our clinic in the year 2008. Ms.Rani is 38 years old and Mr.satish is 39 years with a married life of 8 years.The Priliminary investigations required to identified the cause of infertility were done in which She is identified PCOS. Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is an endocrine disorder that affects approximately 5% of all women. It occurs amongst all races and nationalities, is the most common hormonal disorder among women of reproductive age, and is a leading cause of infertility. Mr. Satish semen analysis report was normal. She had undergone the basic line of treatment that is Timing of coitus and Intrauterine Insemination, but they failed to attain their dream of parenthood. The couple is desperate to have a kid.

After referring all her history through out the journey of infertility, the couple is advised to opt for egg donation. It is a case of poor ovarian reserve, base line FSH and her age is border line for self production of oocytes. The couple understood the scientific truth and compromised to go ahead of oocyte donation of IVF cycle. OD-ART was done. On 13th day post embryo transfer her β-hCG vale showed a positive result and the presence of fetal heart and pole in the USG. Now she is 12 weeks pregnant. They said “Our dream of parenthood came into reality and we are filled with unlimited joy and happiness”.

Presence of Endometrioma

Name of the Patient : Mrs.Meena
Name of the Spouse : Mr. Ramesh
Name of the Patient changed to protect privacy

Mrs.Meena [30 years] and Mr. Ramesh [35 years] have been married since 7 years. They first consulted us in the year 2006. We proceeded with all necessary infertility workup [investigations]. Mr.Ramesh’s semen analysis report showed Azoospermia, testicular biopsy results revealed as “maturation arrest”. Meena’s report showed the presence of Endometrioma [Collection of menstrual blood in the ovary] in the left ovary. That has been removed through laparoscopy.She had few cycles of IUI with donor sperm, but she did not conceive. She also had a cycle of IVF in May 2007. She had a weak positive pregnancy, which later terminated. After the abortion, scan shows a polyp in the endometrium. Polypectomy was done through hysteroscopy in October 2008. In the second cycle IVF she conceived. We all felt a sigh of relief. Finally whole team felt excited, as couple had a positive result. Meena believes that she deserves love of child and joy of motherhood. She wants to feelevery step of her gestational period and the bondage develops by nature. To be pregnant is to be vitally, alive, thoroughly women and undoubtedly inhibited.

History of both Male & Female Infertility

Name of the Patient changed to protect privacy

Mr and Ms. Prashanth is the couple who spent 5 years going through different fertility centers before taking a chance of meeting us. Thaey saw a advertisement about a workshop conducted by Dr. Rama’s Institute For Fertility and consulted us through phone. As the couple were quite nervous, we had special counseling session to make them free and feel homely. We were with them from the beginning of the process and guided them through out the treatment.Investigative reports reveals that this is a case of male anf female infertility. Cause of infertility is severe oligospermia with abnormal sperm morphology and PCOS ( Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) with irregular menstrual cycle. A course of medication was given to improve sperm parameters and also counseled the couple to make a choice for ICSI (Intra cytoplasmic Sperm Injection). Complete process was explained to them and took their consent. She was p[ut on controlled ovarian stimulation. When we started controlled ovarian hyper stimulation, she developed high estradiol levels. Cycle was cancelled. Double dose of gonadotrophin agonist was given to suppress the ovary more. This time her E2 was under control and final result was β-hCG positive on 21st day after ET. The couple expressed the sense of happiness and said

“Thank you for this miracle we waited so long for, and also thank you for your emotional support, constant kindness and compassion for helping us make the decision to move forward will forever be remembered.”

Now she is in her 4th month of pregnancy and it is healthy and ongoing.