Sperm Preparation procedure

40% etiological factors for infertility are attributed to the problems of male partner. Thus evaluation of male partner for fertility related problem is must. Perhaps the most important aspect of the laboratory is careful evaluation of the semen. A careful attention is to be paid for complete semen analysis.

Ideal method and time to collect semen sample


  • Abstinence – Minimum 3 days abstinence from sex Physically and mentally in sound condition Proper diet, sleep, rest essential before collecting.No medication or sickness in the past two months

Semen Collection Method

  • Masturbation is the best method Avoid using condom or intercourse for collection Precautions to be followed to prevent carrying dust or bacteria along with semen, wash hands with simple soap and dry the hands, do not touch the bottle rim and put the lid upside down.
  • Container – 60-100 ml wide mouth plastic jar made of poly propylene with a screw cap
  • Transport time – It is best to collect in room provided by the laboratory otherwise sample should reach the lab within one / one and half hour after collection. Should not store in refrigerator.
  • only prepared sperm are used for IUI, because neat semen may cause uterine contractions , pains and cramps
  • Prepared sperm improves sperm parameters, removes the prostaglandins, prevents the immunological factors. Sperm can be prepared by number of methods ‘Swim up’ and density gradient are most common method for sperm preparation.