Monitoring of Treatment

Is done to measure the growth of follicles. Type and doses of drug is calculated on individual basis to obtain optimum ovulation and prevent side-effects. Usually folliculometry is done by transvaginal ultrasound scanning. [two to three times or more during a treatment cycle] and some times by measuring hormones (E2) in a blood sample. When the leading follicle measures > 18mm in diameter and the endometrium is well developed, an HCG injection is given to trigger maturity of the oocyte and ovulation.


Insemination is done when ovulation is imminent or just after.

Insemination for Natural Cycle
  • Measurement of BBT
  • Detection of LH surge in the urine or blood
  • Ultrasound scan
Insemination for Stimulated Cycle
  • 36 to 40 hrs after hCG injection