FAQ on IUI Intrauterine insemination

What is Intra Uterine Insemination or IUI ?
How long sperm servives after timed intercourse of IUI ?
How long does it take for Fertilization and for implantation ?
What is a ideal value for estrogen during the IUI cycle with injectables ?
What is an ideal range for uterine lining at the time of IUI ?
What will be the ideal size of leading follicle before the hCG shot ? & how much do follicle grow each day?
Do smaller follicle also “match” with leading follicle at the time of egg release?
What is a maximum dosage for Clomiphene Citrate (C.C) ?
What will be the ideal abstinence period for a couple before an IUI cycle ?
Explain me IUI procedure in brief ?
What precaution lady should take during an IUI cycle ?
What is the difference between super ovulation timing of coitus, IUI & IVF (S0-TOC).
What time is better for taking injectables for an IUI cycle ?
What are the pre IUI treatment steps ?
what is “washed” sperm ?
If a partner is not available at IUI procedure time, what is the method for sperm freezing ?
How long one can store the frozen sperm ?
Can using of frozen sperm increase the likelihood having a child with birth defects ?
What is donor IUI ?
How does IUI increase the chance of pregnancy ?
When is IUI used ?
How one can decide about fertility drug in conjunction with IUI ?