FAQ on Infertility

What is infertility ?
What is infertility ?
why does a woman become infertile ?
Why does a man became infertile ?
How is infertility diagnosed ?
How is infertility in a woman treated?
How is infertility in a man treated ?
what increases a man’s risks of infertility ?
What things increases a woman’s risk of infertility ?
Can a vasectomized man be a father again ? If yes what is the procedure?
How many couples are affected by infertility ?
If a couple has trouble conceiving, when they should visit a fertility specialist ?
Is Infertility hereditary ?
Do painful periods cause infertility ?
What is tubal reversal ?
Do all infertility treatment is high-tech procedures ?
How successful are infertility treatments ?
How does natural conception occur ?
How does age affect woman’s fertility ?