Semen Banking

Cryopreservation of semen involves the cooling of a sperm and storage at a temperature where all metabolic processes are arrested. In practice, frozen sperms are stored at the temp. of -196°C in liquid nitrogen.

Indications for sperm cryopreservation :

Frozen sperm can be divided into two categories

  • Semen for auto conservation and
  • Donor semen

Reasons for Auto conservation :

“Long-term” cryopreseration of sperm is designed to ensure later fertility in men who have to undergo

  • Radio or chemotherapy – which might lead to sterility
  • Surgical sterilization by vasectomy

“ short–term” storage of sperm can be useful in case of …

  • stress with regard to collection of semen on demand on the day of IUI or IVF
  • Absent husband during the wife’s treatment and
  • Large variations in individual sperm quality.

Sperm Banking at our Centre :

Cryobanks are the vehicles used to realize the clinical and research application of cryopreserved cells . A most important component of sperm bank is its usefulness to infertile couple. Here at our centre following facilities are available …

  • ‘Long-term’ & “short term” semen cryopreservation
  • Concentration for oligozoospermia
  • Standard and pre-processed Anyonymous donor semen bank.