Egg Donation

Introduction :

At our Institute egg donation program is designed to assist women, who for diverse reasons, are unable to produce their own healthy eggs for conception. Indications are expanding and the number of patients requesting for egg donation continues to escalate as its popularity and acceptance grows. Recipients of all ages are experiencing birth rate of approximately 40% per embryo transfer. Even more striking, cumulative success rate exceed 90% when repetitive (3-4) embryo transfers are performed.

In summary, egg donation represents one of the most efficacious therapies offered by IVF institutes.

Indications for egg donation:

  • Poor fertilization of eggs inspite of good quality sperm.
  • Failure to achieve a viable pregnancy following repeated attempts at IVF or other assisted reproductive technologies.
  • Absent ovarian function due to previous surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy.
  • Premature ovarian failure.
  • Menopause
  • The presence of genetic disorder that have high likelihood of being transmitted via the women’s eggs to the offspring.
  • Women over the age of 40
  • Elevated follicle stimulating hormone levels (greater than 12 mIu/ml) on 3rd day of the menstrual cycle.
  • Poor responders (less than 3-4 eggs)
  • Unexplained failure of IVF consecutively (3 cycles).

Donor Selection :

Volunteers :

The volunteers enroll in the oocyte donation programme for purely altruistic reasons.
Same screening procedures are followed as we follow for sperm donors.

Donation from a relative or a friend :

Those who can persuade their own contacts as donors can be done. Some people get more satisfaction because they know all details about the donor, but there are some other people who don’t take from near and dear as it may raise a problem in the future. So we didn’t option for the couple.

Screening donors and Recipients :

Donor Screening :

  • Cervical cultures for any sexually transmissible diseases.
  • Hormone (FSH, LH) analysis, ultra sound scan done on 3rd day of periods.

Recipient Screening :

  • Cervical cultures to evaluate for the presence of any organism like chlamydia or ureaplasma.
  • Serum prolactin & TSH level
  • Ultrasound examination of the uterus as well as hysteroscopy to look for the presence of lesions that might interfere with implantation,such as fibroid tumors, polyps, or scarring
  • Screening for both the partners Male and female for HIV & hepatitis
  • Male partner semen analysis, semen cultures and direct antisperm antibody test.
  • The recipient couple will meet the counselor to discuss important psychological and social issues.

Ovulation Induction for Donor :

The whole procedure is exactly same as the patient undergoing IVF treatment.

Synchronizing the recipient & donor cycle :

One cycle before actual IVF procedure we bring the menstrual period as close as possible to both donor and recipient. Preferably recipient gets period, a couple of days earlier than donor.

The recipient will require estradiol & progesterone to help prepare her uterine lining for implantation of the transferred embryos.

Success rate following egg donation :

The pregnancy and take home baby rates are higher when compare to stimulated cycles, because less exposure to drugs and hormonal fluctuation.

Success rate following egg donation :

The pregnancy and take home baby rates are higher when compare to stimulated cycles, because less exposure to drugs and hormonal fluctuation.

Becoming a Egg Donor :

Young, healthy women between ages of 21 to 32 years are eligible for egg donation program here at our center. We have few selection methods which are as follows.

  • The prospective donor should be in general good health
  • Should not have any major malformation or genetic disorders
  • Medical screening for any physicial or mental ailments
  • A physical examination, endocrine profile, ultrasound examination or pelvis
  • Screening test for HIV, HbsAg, VDRL & hepatitis
  • A written consent form confirming the full understanding of the egg donation procedure.

We understand that donor may have several questions to be asked we shall try to include few once we share our opinion about egg donation.

  • We surveyed few women – out of that 91% were moderately to extremely satisfied with the experience
  • Our study assessed the motivations of oocyte donors and found that they were guided by an over all ethic of giving
  • Oocyte donor has the satisfaction of giving completeness to the couple by addressing them proud parents

Wanted Egg Donor:

We are looking for young- healthy women living in Hyderabad or near by who would like to donate their eggs. By donating your eggs – you are fulfilling the dream of infertile couple and donating eggs will not harm your future fertility and your health. And we also will be happy to pay generously for your generosity.

Is egg donation for you?

There are several questions behind the program of egg donation. Here we would like to share a Infertile couple’s note who had a healthy baby in egg sharing program at our center.

As wife said (before entering the program……)

“I will never create a child with my husband – I will never pass on my genetics – & I am also jealous & envy that my husband will be creating our child with other’s eggs instead of mine.

This comment may be usual. To overcome such emotions read the following questions before going forward with an egg donation program.

  1. Have you come to terms with the absence of a genetic relationship between the intended mother and the child? What, if any, impact do you expect this to have on the parental relationship and the family unit?
  2. Are you prepared, emotionally and physically, to go through the rigors of an IVF cycle?
  3. Are you prepared to cope with the disappointment of a failed cycle after such a significant emotional a financial investment?
  4. Can you identify any outside stressors that might impact you as you proceed with cycle? (Work, health, family, financial issue)

Our approach :

We at Rama’s Institute provide an excellent facility for helping infertile couple achieve their life’s dream to having a baby. Our team incorporates dedicated physicians, Embryologist, clinical coordinators nurses and administrative personnel. We are committed to providing the highest quality medical care in a sensitive and caring environment.