10 Tips for Getting Pregnant

Tips for Getting Pregnant

When are you planning to have a baby? This is the most common question most newly married couples in India are asked. Sometimes even as soon as they have returned from honeymoon! There is a lot of pressure on couples to have a baby. Many couples naively expect a pregnancy in the very first month, and start getting concerned when they do not achieve a pregnancy, start wondering about their fertility potential.

But all the couples should remember that in a single menstrual cycle, the chance of a perfectly normal couple achieving a successful pregnancy is only 25%, even if they have unprotected sex regularly.

Getting pregnant is a game of odds. Over a period of one year, the chance of a successful pregnancy is 80% to 90%. These are normal “fertile couples” and the rest are “labeled infertile”. –Infertility is medically defined as the inability to conceive even after trying for a year of having unprotected intercourse.

Here are some 10 interesting tips for Getting Pregnant.


  1. Consult a good fertility specialist one to three months prior to planning for a pregnancy. The doctor will advise how to go off a birth control pill, physical test, PAP test etc. She will also advise for some regular hormonal analysis like FSH, Thyriod etc and give prenatal vitamins such as folic acid, multi-vitamins etc.
  2. Learn about the menstrual cycle.  Search online for an ovulation calculator to find out best days to have sex in order to conceive.
  3. This is Tip 1 for getting pregnant.


  1. Both husband and wife adopt a healthy life style – like be away from stress and strain. Have at least 8 hours of continuous sleep per day. Which will reduce the stress.Time for planning pregnancy is time for calm and cool state of mind. The couple should figure out what is causing stress in their life and do their best to change it, yoga, meditation, writing and exercise all will help lower stress levels. This tip for pregnancy will definitely work.


  1. The couple should exercise regularly, at least 1-2 hours of exercise per day will condition the body, reduce the stress in the body, will help in loss of toxic waste from skin pores through exertion.  This third tip for pregnancy will help the couple to be right weight proportion to maximize the chances of having a successful conception and pregnancy.


  1. The man and woman trying for a pregnancy should eat a healthy diet, containing sprouts, fresh and dry fruits, fresh and green leafy vegetables, foods rich in fiber, plenty of fruit juices, foods rich in vitamin C and vitamin E.  Which will reduce the oxidative stress in the body and provide a stress free micro environment for gametogenesis (i.e. spermatogenesis and oogenesis).  Avoid fatty and processed food.  This tip is one of the most important tips among the 10 tips which will help in having a successful pregnancy.


  1. The couple planning to get pregnant should be away from hazardous pollutants like environmental toxins, pollution, (air, land, soil etc) occupational chemicals or toxins, radiations, heat etc to avoid build up of these elements in the body which may hinder pregnancy.  The body does not have a natural mechanism to eliminate these toxins if taken in excess.  This tip is one of the less concentrated tip for having a successful pregnancy.


  1. Cut out the Bad stuff:-
  2. Drugs, alcohol and tobacco.  The body needs to be a shrine of health prior to becoming an incubator for  new baby.  These substances are extremely harmful to a developing fetus, especially particularly in the first weeks of development.  This tip is the most critical one to ensure a healthy pregnancy.


  1. Have sex in the morning:- Scientists and studies have shown that ejaculates after a peaceful relaxed sleep produce more energetic spermatozoa which are more likely to make their way to the uterus.  This tip will help many borderline fertile couple to enhance their chances of getting pregnant.Worthy tip among 10 tips for getting pregnancy.  Regular sex reduces stress and also helps to get good nights sleep.


  1. Men trying to impregnate their spouse should avoid wearing tight underwear.  This is because it is a universally believed fact that spermatogenesis is more efficient at a temperatures slightly lower than the body’s temperature.  Therefore tight underwear will cause heat production and stress at the site of testicles the birth place for the spermatozoa.


  1. Women should plan for a pregnancy below the age of 35 years, if this is done, it will enhance the chances of getting pregnancy before the biologic clock (ovarian aging) ticks away.  The female fecundity starts decreasing beyond the age of 30 and drastically falls beyond 35 years of age.  This is true for males who are 45 -50 years old, attempting to impregnate their partners.
  2. This tip is the most scientific tip one should keep in mind while planning to get pregnant.


Talk to your partner:

  1. A nice tour or change of environment can also help in getting pregnant and is one of the most sought out tip for couples trying to get pregnant.
  2. One thing many people overlook when they decide to get pregnant is the emotional factor. No matter how successful your conception and pregnancy are, it will always cause some strain on your relationship. Now is the time to talk it out – so sit down and have a serious discussion with your partner about both of your hopes and expectations for conception, pregnancy, and child raising. Make sure that you have a “what if” plan for contingencies, so neither person ends up shouldering all the responsibility. By doing this you will hopefully remove stress down the road and be much happier!