Nutrients Essential for Sperm Production

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Sperm production food

All most all vitamins and minerals are essential for sperm production, motility, quality.


Initiates sperm motility


Stages of spermatogenesis Functions of zinc
1.     Initiations of spermatogenesis


2.     During spermatogenesis


3.     Endo spermatogenesis


Involves in RNA activity


Participates in sperm maturation, preserves germinating epithelium and somniferous tubules


Enhances sperm motility



Assures the accurate formation of midpiece and flagella.


Improves mitochondrial function (energy source of sperm): helps in healthy reproductive organ development


Changes CAG Ca-ion channel function


Prevents chromosomal abnormality like aneuploidy



Improves sperm quality.

B 12:

Involves RNA, DNA synthesis promotes healthy growth of seminiferous tubules

B 9:

Promotes healthy sperm and seminiferous tubules development


Helps in spermatogonia differentiation and sperm adhesion regulation.

Most of the diseases, we are facing today are due to change in food habits, use of preservatives, colors, and pesticides in our food

One must be mindful, what they are eating. Don’t eat only for taste and likes and dislikes of some foods; develop taste for vitamins minerals and protein containing food. Avoid negative foods.

Fertility foods to boost


YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT overall diet don’t matter.

  1. Sunflower butter vitamin E
  2. Grapefruit juice, orange they are high in polyamine putrescine which improves sperm and egg. Chromosomal integrity low vitamin c levels more effect on female hormone balance
  3. Mature cheddar high in polyamines putrescine. The full-fat dairy product is useful in ovulation
  4. Liver, beef/goat/ ham consists of vitamin A, B12 riboflavin, folate, selenium, choline may reduce risk of birth defects. High in CO2 which may boost EGG and SPERM quality and motility
  5. Cooked tomatoes: High in lycopene a powerful anti-oxidants especially in main infertility. Cooked tomato has got twice the value of lycopene through raw.
  6. Lentils & beans Plant protein is better for fertility. They contain a high level or the polyamine spermidine, which may help sperm, fertilizes the egg. Spermidine is low in low sperm count in men. Lentil is a good source for folate important nutrient for conception and healthy embryos. Lentil & beans are a good source of fiber.
  7. Asparagus rich in folate, vitamin k, zinc, selenium important for male fertility vitamin A, C,
  8. Oysters rich in iron, b 12, selenium zinc
  9. Pomegranate high in antioxidant improves sperm concentration & motility
  10. Walnuts rich in omega 3 fatty acids improve sperm vitality, motility, and morphology


  1. Eggs rich in b-complex and omega 3 fatty acids they also contain chlorine which reduces birth defects
  2. Pineapple rich in vitamin c, improves sperm motility specialty in smokers. Pineapple contains

Bromelain natural enzyme that may have an anti-inflammatory effect.

13.Salmon rich in essential fatty acid and omega-3 beneficial in both men and women vitamin D, selenium

  1. Cinnamon useful in insulin resistance like PCO condition. Controls sugar levels and lipids improve menstrual regulation and ovulation


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