IVF | ICSI Treatments and myths

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    1.What is IVF?

In Vitro IVF (outside the body) fertilization. EGG and SPERM meet in the test tube and after union- it is called embryo. It grows in the incubator(womblike) for 60-110 hours after that embryo is put into the uterus through the cervix.

  1. What is the difference between IVF and ICSI?

If sperm motility, morphology, and count are satisfactory, one egg is mixed with 50-100 thousand sperms. One of the sperm can fertilize the egg. This is called conventional IVF.

ICSI: Egg has got cytoplasm and nucleus(pack of chromosomes). If sperm morphology/ motility and number of sperms are not satisfactory ICSI procedure is done with special equipment micromanipulators, the size of two eggs is 80U. the egg is held with one pippet (holding pippet) and sperm in held in another pippet. Carefully without damaging egg, sperm is injected into cytoplasm of egg cell. After fertilization and embryo formation, they are put into uterus through cervix.

Simple only one step is different between IVF and ICSI. In IVF egg and sperm meet on their own exactly like in to human body. In ICSI embryologist make them meet, as simple as that. Before and after this procedure, everything is common.

  1. Is there any difference in success rate in IVF and ICSI?

Practically there is no difference. Sometimes, due to unknown reasons, in simple IVF, fertilization failure can occur. In that situation we do rescue ICSI sometimes this may not be successful. To avoid fertilization failure, many people do ICSI for all cases.

  1. What about the health of the baby born through IVF?

Several studies were done all over the world, Compared with home conception. There are no alarming problems in the baby.

Myths about IVF

  1. Is it strenuous or painful?

Any procedure we do, mild anesthesia is given. So there will not be the pain. It is easily bearable.

  1. Is this very costly?

Depending upon age and ovarian reserve usage of medications can be tailor made – if less drugs are used cost can be cut down.

  1. Does the baby need to take wave throughout the procedure?

Working women can attend their office without any problem. Only at the time of egg pick up one day rest, after embryo transfer 2days rest is more than enough.

  1. After IVF, till delivery, lady patient need to take rest?

No, the uterus has got 2 entries. In nature egg and sperm meet in uterine tubes. Embryo enters from tube to uterus. Whereas in IVF, embryo enters through cervix. After embryo attaches to uterine wall, normal and IVF pregnancies are the same.

  1. Are IVF/ ICSI babies are normal?

Yes, there is no problem with these procedures. Exactly comparable to a natural pregnancy.

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