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Test tube baby or IVF procedure is a unique subject, therefore people are still skeptical and harbour a lot of pre-conceived notions.  There is prejudice even among educated class that the babies born as a result of IVF are not “normal” as they are not resulted from the natural process of sexual intercourse between the partners.  Instead, these babies are a product of technical expertise, mechanization, artificially crated and introduced into the uterus by the doctors and embryologist.  But the truth is far from it .


The babies born through test tube baby or IVF procedure are as normal as the other children born  naturally.  As far as physical and mental capacity are concerned they are normal.  Infact babies born of IVF are more healthy and intelligent because of the special nourishment they get at embryonic stage in the form of enriched media used for culture.


The only difference between test tube baby and natural conception is that incase of test tube baby procedure the fusion of egg and spermatozoa takes place in a petridish under the supervision of expert embryologist and clinician .  Here there is an option to choose best and high quality eggs and spermatozoa from a pool and opportunity to transfer best embryos to the womb.  Where as in the natural process all this has to take place naturally in the body.


When the couple has problems in conceiving on their own like tubal problems, male factor infertility, ovulation problems etc.,  Test tube baby remains the only option to have a biological child of their own.


Once the embryo is formed it is carefully transferred to the uterus through cervix and thus when pregnancy is  achieved it is similar to normal conception.  Infact, once the baby is born, until one is told it would be difficult or impossible  distinguish between test tube baby and normally  conceived  children.

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