Ozone in the form of gas, administered through various routes such as, in saline, ear, Rectal etc. to kill disease-causing micro-organisms, to improve cellular function and promote healing of damaged tissues.

Ozone therapy as a modern and viable technique in the management of infertility issues

  • Improvement of macro- and microcirculation that results in the normalization of placenta hormonogenic function;
  • Decrease in the activity of lipid peroxidation processes and simultaneous stimulation of the antioxidant defense system of the human body;
  • Immunomodulating action develops particularly through a decrease in the blood level of circulating immune complexes, IgM, group and Rh antibodies, an increase in the phagocytic activity of neutrophils;
  • Decrease (if available) in the hypercoagulation activity of blood;
  • Intensification of the protein-synthesizing function of the liver;
  • Stimulates production of WBC’s
  • Kills viruses, bacteria, fungi, and other germs
  • Helps diseased cells to get rid of toxins and harmful free radicals
  • The release of PDGF—helps in healing and repairs
  • The release of immunosuppressive cytokines TGF-B and IL-10 may inhibit inflammation
  • Proteolytic enzymes and endogenous ROS are inhibited
  • Bradykinin inflammatory PG release is inhibited
  • The disappearance of edema leads to improved circulation, washing away from lactic acid and pain relief
  • Ozone also helps in improving oocyte quality, reduces insulin resistance in diabetics, PCO’s, improves blood vasculature and supply to the uterus, improvs endometrial milieu, increases fertilization rates, promotes embryo transplantation, decreases the effects of endometriosis, hydrosalpinx, adenomyosis, corrects hormonal dysregulations. Thus enhancing a healthy viable pregnancy, culminating in the birth of healthy children.

Ozone therapy in male infertility:

  • Ozone enhances the circulation of all organs including the male organs
  • Stimulates the function of testicles, therefore naturally stimulates the performance
  •  Effectively helpful in cases of infections like leucocytospermia.

Treatments in ozone therapy:

  • patients with viral infections were given Intravenous insufflation of ozonized isotonic NaCl 200 ml with the concentration of ozone 20mcg/ml.- 10-15 sessions along with the topical application, rectal insufflation and minor auto injections – 5-10 sessions for local infections Patients were prescribed ozonized distilled water or ozonized olive oil per os. Along with rectal and vaginal insufflation. Ozone saline hydrotubation 3-5 sessions given(in tubal pathologies, endometriosis, fibroids, cysts etc..) ozone minor auto injections 5-8 sessions given (in cases of presence of autoantibodies like TPO, ATA, ANA, Antiphospholipid antibodies).
  • The well-known antimicrobic properties of ozonized olive oil as found out can be successfully used in the treatment of vulvar dystrophic diseases. Ozone therapy produces not only an anti-inflammatory effect but also improves tissue tropism, allows rejecting the use of hormonal ointments and laser therapy.
  • The use of ozone-oxygen mixture in IVF seems to bring definite advantages both for reducing FSH dosage administration and in better preparing the endometrium, improving thus the chances of implantation
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