As a woman ages, ovarian function & reserve also starts depleting. The decline is sharp beyond 35 years of age. But with new innovations in ART & regenerative medicine, PRP (Platelet-rich plasma infusions, stem cell therapy (from self-bone marrow, peripheral, placental extractions, fetal stem cell extracts), antioxidant & hormonal therapies, there has been an improvement in a considerable number of women. Both ovarian functions, as well as egg quality & quantity, have improved.

Also with advancements in freezing techniques if there are less number of eggs or formed embryos these can be frozen pooled, when sufficient embryos are available they can be successfully transferred to the womb in a well-synchronized embryo transfer cycle. Acupuncture, Ozone therapy also has proven to increase implantation rates & also pregnancy outcomes. Now even with advanced age women are still able to parent a biological child of her own.

In men onset of decline in fertility, parameters start later beyond 55-60 years of age. Motility (in terms of velocity) and DNA fragmentation can increase. But with Ozone, Chelation, Accupuncture& anti-oxidant therapies we have observed significant improvement in semen parameters leading to increased fertilization rates.

With the aid of ICSI-IMSI, Laser Assisted Hatching & PGDhave largely improved the success rates culminating in the birth of healthy offspring.


* Egg donation:

Women over 40, or with evidence of early menopause [premature ovarian failure] egg donation is the option. Eggs from a younger woman are likely to result in pregnancy and less likely to end in miscarriage even when carried by an older woman [link- egg donation].

* Embryo donation:
If the male partner also has a sperm problem embryo donation is a right option (link- Egg donation )

* Surrogacy:
A surrogate is a woman who agrees to become pregnant for a couple using the male partner’s sperm and her own egg (traditional surrogate) or using the male partner’s sperm and the female partner’s egg (gestational surrogate) (link – surrogacy )

* Adoption and Faster care:
Another option for having a family is adoption. Agencies have different rules regarding age and are now more receptive to older couples. There are generally no age restrictions for private adoptions.

* Accepting Child-free living: 
It is important that couples consider the options of remaining childfree if they are unable to have their own child or if they decide to forego infertility treatment.


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